Sex, Lies and Infidelity: A Story of Betrayal

Hello again friends! In this segment of the sex, lies and infidelity saga (I have now decided to begin) I am compelled to share quite a wild story with the internet. I will be spilling some serious tea in this post, so make sure you’ve got a cloth near by. But first here are some disclaimers:

  • I will not be naming names or calling out these people, but I do feel the need to share my story, mainly because it’s so damn unbelievable! Trust me, you are going to be shook.
  • This is a true story. You may not believe it. But bet your bottom dollar that this happened and it happened to me, of course. Who else?
  • If anything similar has happened to you, I’d love to know! Because this one’s a doozy.

Ahh, betrayal. Stings like a bitch. Being stabbed in the back by the person closest to you is rough. Really rough. It often leaves you with trust issues for days and a fair amount of emotional trauma. In my particular traumatic case, the person closest to me decided to do something quite awful, with no remorse. Absolutely none. Severe sociopathic tendencies. Basically, I had started seeing someone and she seemed lovely. I then decided to take my friend to hang out with her. I thought it was a relatively nice idea, you know, take your best friend to meet your new love interest, get their approval and yada yada yada.

BIG mistake. The night was going well, and they seemed to be getting on nicely. Suspiciously , too nice. I went to the bathroom then went to have a chat with her roommate. I came back and my friend and the girl I was seeing were full on, all over each other, making out on the lounge. No joke. I froze for 10 seconds (I was pretty drunk and really didn’t believe it at first) before proceeding to yell out ‘WHAT THE F**K?!’ They then proceeded to ask me to leave so they could explore their connection because they ‘couldn’t keep their hands off each other’. These are actually words that came out of their stupid mouths.

Disgusting behaviour. I was distraught, hurt, angry and just fucking gobsmacked. I mean, this is a real situation that transpired. Right in front of my disbelieving eyes. It took me a couple of weeks, but I picked myself up, dusted myself off and realised what scum bags they were. I didn’t need them! So fear not! I have cut both these toxic people out of my life! I am doing much better, thank you for asking. Onwards and upwards, as I say!

So there you have it, quite a story, huh? Too good to not be shared with the world wide web. And to my toxic ex’s – if you’re reading this – screw you and screw your little dog too!

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